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LeDuc Montgomery LLC represents people and organizations in litigation and government affairs in the Pacific Northwest. We invoke the legal system to create pathways to better business practices, redress harms caused by corporate and state misconduct, repair social trust, and improve public governance. 

Our Civil Rights practice emphasizes representation for individuals in rural areas, jails, or prisons where access to counsel may be difficult or impossible to find locally, in cases against law enforcement or local government.

Our Government Affairs practice focuses on impact litigation regarding policy matters that will affect large numbers of people or government decisions.

Our Fiduciary Liability practice represents stakeholders whose interests have been damaged by foul play on the part of executives, majority shareholders, boards of directors, or a government entity.

LeDuc Montgomery LLC
Civil Rights, All of Oregon

Practice Areas

Civil Rights

  • Law Enforcement Misconduct
    • Wrongful Death
    • Excessive Use of Force
    • False Arrest
    • Illegal Policies and Practices
    • Police Shooting Pets
  • Jail and Prison Misconduct
    • Death in Custody
    • Excessive Use of Force
    • Sexual Abuse & Harassment 
    • Failure to Protect from Danger
  • Bias & Hate Crimes
    • Disability Discrimination 
    • Bias & Hate Crimes
    • Equal Protection
    • Doxxing
  • Government Retaliation
    • Retaliation
    • Whistleblowers
    • "Contempt of Cop" Arrests
    • Malicious Prosecution
  • Constitutional Law
    • First Amendment Law
    • Second Amendment Law
    • Activist & Protester Rights
    • Know Your Rights Trainings

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Government Affairs

  • Strategic Impact Litigation 
    • Representing Individuals and NGOs in Litigation
    • Policy-Adjacent Lawsuits
    • Class Actions
    • Test cases
    • Strategic Co-Counsel
  • Government Transparency
    • Freedom of Information Act
    • Public Records Act 
    • Open Public Meetings Act 
    • Public Official Misconduct
  • Government Disputes
    • Declaratory Judgment Actions
    • Injunctions Against Government Action
    • Rule Making Process and Public Comment
    • Administrative Law
    • Qui Tam Actions
  • Policy Advocacy
    • Ballot Measure Challenges
    • Amicus Briefs
    • Research and Publication
    • Legislative Analysis and Tracking
    • Strategic Advice and Counsel
    • Coalition Building
    • Advocacy and Public speaking

Fiduciary & Governance Litigation

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance-Oriented Litigation involving fiduciaries, boards of directors, shareholders, or government as private market actors
  • Qui Tam
  • Fraud
  • Misrepresentation
  • Racketeering/RICO
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Business Torts
  • Breach of Contract
  • Unjust Enrichment
  • Greenwashing

Contract Legal Services

LeDuc Montgomery co-counsels and provides surge capacity to other litigators and law firms on values-aligned cases and projects including:

  • Litigation and Case Management 
  • Legal Research and Drafting
  • Early Case Assessments
  • Decision Tree Analysis
  • Jury Testing
  • Investigation and Witness Interviews
  • Document Review
  • Analysis and Strategy
  • Motions and Briefing
  • Written Discovery
  • Management of Expert Witnesses
  • Depositions
  • Oral Argument and Public Speaking
  • Trial Support
  • Arbitration and Mediation Representation and Support
  • Amicus Curiae Briefing
  • Case budgeting, reporting, and performance metrics

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Civil Rights Lawyer

About LeDuc Montgomery LLC

At LeDuc Montgomery LLC, we use our skills and resources to pursue justice for our clients and promote rule of law. 

We have attorneys licensed to practice in the following jurisdictions:

  • Oregon State Court
  • United States District Court, District of Oregon
  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Washington State Bar pro hav vice admission available


  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Oregon Lawyers Committee
  • Multnomah Bar Association - Past Young Lawyers Section Pro Bono Committee Member
  • National Police Accountability Project
  • Oregon State Bar Association, Civil Rights Section - Past Executive Committee
  • Oregon Trial Lawyers Association - Trial Lawyers Academy and Civil Rights Section Co-Chair
  • Oregon Women Lawyers

Awards & Recognition 

  • Oregon State Bar Pro Bono Honor Roll, 2018 – 2021
  • Impact Case of the Year Award (Davis Wright Tremaine Team), Benchmark Litigation, 2019
  • Willamette University Pro Bono Honors Award, 2015 – 2016
  • Willamette University Public Interest Law Fellowship, 2015
  • Oregon State Bar Diversity & Inclusion Clerkship Award, 2015
  • Washington State Department of Commerce Merit Award, 2013
  • The Olympian Award for Excellence in Community Service presented by Governor Gary Locke, 2005

Examples of Our Cases:

  • Malaer v. Kirkpatrick, et al (ongoing) - Police Misconduct, Jail Abuse, Disability Discrimination - Representing homelessness and disability advocate in federal civil rights litigation against the City of Medford, Medford police officers, Jackson County, Jackson County Sheriff, and a Sheriff's deputy alleging claims for false arrest, ADA violations, First Amendment Retaliation, Malicious Prosecution, and negligence, among other claims, relating to a July 2019 arrest, transport, and detention inside the Jackson County jail.  
  • Legacy Forest Defense Coalition v. Department of Natural Resources et al (ongoing) - Impact Litigation, ESG Litigation, Government Affairs- Working with a team of environmental litigators, represent non-profit advocacy organization in challenging multiple DNR agency decisions to auction thousands of acres of 90-to-100-year-old structurally complex "legacy forests" for clearcut logging in Washington in contravention of federal contracts and existing state policies and procedures.

  • Adults in Custody v. Benavidez et al - Prison Misconduct, Sexual Abuse, Retaliation- Represented four victims of sexual harassment and abuse by a former Oregon Department of Corrections corrections officer who retaliated against victims for filing complaints about his abuse, obtaining six-figure settlements for victims. 
  • Vogel v. The Evergreen State College - Public Records - Represented government transparency advocate in exposing a public college's covert militarization, weapons purchases, and student surveillance program, obtaining $50,000 settlement upon showing the college illegally withheld government records from public disclosure. 

  • Arbitration - Civil Litigation, Business Malfeasance - Won two-day arbitration in $1.6 million breach of contract and defamation dispute, securing complete victory for small business client plus attorney fees and expenses.  Pursued judgment debtor in enforcement proceedings, obtaining sanctions against debtor entity, sanctions against debtor entity's CEO, and a bench warrant for the CEO's arrest. 

  • Sepur Zarco Trial - Human Rights, Impact Litigation - Served as a national delegate to Guatemala collaborating with attorneys, advocates, and survivors from the Sepur Zarco indigenous human rights trial - the first time a national court prosecuted rape as a war crime -  to publish a law review journal article proposing strategic alliances as an impact litigation model supporting human rights litigation. 

Civil Rights Legal Team

Meet the team

Our team uses the law to improve public policy and hold bad actors accountable. 

Alicia LeDuc Montgomery, JD, MPA

Managing Attorney
Alicia LeDuc Montgomery represents clients in civil rights, civil litigation, government affairs, and impact litigation in Oregon. She has over 20 years of professional experience in law, government, finance, sustainability, and human rights. Prior to launching LeDuc Montgomery LLC, Alicia was a litigator at international AmLaw 100 firms and was a member of the trial team that obtained the largest jury verdict in Oregon history, a $1.1 billion class action verdict on behalf of 160 local government bodies against the State of Oregon. She has worked in all three branches of government and served in AmeriCorps. Alicia enjoys bringing her client's stories to light to obtain justice and prevent the same harm from happening again to other people in the future. She believes that everyone is entitled to have their Constitutional rights respected, and that in the United States, the law applies to everyone - including government employees.

David LeDuc Montgomery, JD, MBA

Legal Project Manager
David LeDuc Montgomery manages investigations and legal research on government affairs and civil rights matters. He has over 15 years of experience in public records law, criminal law, legal research, and government affairs. Prior to law school, David worked in government affairs and volunteered with a dispute resolution center. He produced a documentary film about the Washington Public Records Act. David was formerly a union journeyman boilermaker until he was poisoned by toxic gas on the job as a result of corporate misconduct and cover up. The experience led him to law school to advocate for the rights of others. David enjoys going deep in his investigations to expose evidence of corruption and misconduct to hold bad actors accountable. He believes that those in power and government should be subject to the most scrutiny and accountability - not less.

Civil Rights Externship Program

Open to Current Law Students in the United States
LeDuc Montgomery LLC hosts an ongoing Civil Rights Legal Externship program. Externships are part-time, three months long (Fall, Spring, and Summer), focus on active civil rights litigation in Oregon, and are available on a remote or hybrid basis with a flexible schedule. Students are encouraged to utilize law school externship programs to obtain course credit. A $1,500 stipend is provided upon completion. Civil Rights Externs include: Faith O'Malley, Willamette University College of Law (Spring 2023) * David Brown, Lewis & Clark Law School (Spring 2023) * Moriah Daniels, Lewis & Clark Law School (Summer 2023 * Noah Baslaw, Willamette University College of Law (Summer 2023) * Maddie Schurman, Willamette University College of Law (Summer 2023) * Skylar Bailey, Howard University (Autumn 2024) * Cody Krato, Lewis & Clark Law School (Summer 2024) * Afaaf Amatullah, University of Illinois College of Law (Summer 2024) * Tara Zak, Willamette University College of Law (2024) * Conor Clancy, Willamette University College of Law (2024)

Faith O'Malley, JD

Civil Rights SPPE Fellow
Faith O’Malley is continuing her work at LeDuc Montgomery as a Civil Rights SPPE Fellow. Faith graduated cum laude from Willamette University College of Law in 2024. During her time at Willamette, she was an Academic Excellence Fellow and John Paul Stevens Foundation Fellow. She was active in the Willamette University Public Interest Law Project, Immigration Law Association, Willamette Law Online, and Willamette University Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution. During her internships in law school, Faith worked in several public interest law areas including immigration law, public policy, and criminal appellate law. Faith was one of LeDuc Montgomery’s inaugural Legal Externs in Spring 2023 and worked at the firm as a Law Clerk in 2024. As a Civil Rights SPPE Fellow, Faith is part of the first cohort pursuing Oregon’s new Supervised Practice Portfolio Examination. The SPPE program is an alternative pathway to licensure. Instead of taking the bar exam, law graduates in the SPPE program are issued a provisional license while under the supervision of a qualified attorney and they are evaluated on a number of practical skills, similar to an apprenticeship.